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Cheshire Smile: Shakespeare's Comedies

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Four Seasons:  Variations in American Vitalist Film Comedy


The HumorMathematics Connection: The Humor of High Profile Mathematicians


The ComedyTragedy Connection: Comedy/Humor's Analog in Tragedy


The HumorArt ConnectionVitalist Humor and Artistic Preference


Welcome to the Institute for Travesty, Comedy, and Humor Studies (ITCHS).  ITCHS was established for the promotion of research and study of comedy as a dramatic form and of humor, the spice of comedy.  ITCHS uses a variety of research methodologies from multiple disciplines, notably including literary criticism, rhetoric, and the empirical sciences.


ITCHS is the home of the Humor Quotient Newsletter and the designer and administrator of the Humor Quotient Test and the Langerian/Bergsonian Vitalist Humor Test.


ITCHS is at its core a collaborative effort.  We are proud of the hundreds and thousands of volunteers who have made our research discoveries possible.  And we are constantly looking to increase the number of scholar affiliates with whom we continue our efforts.


We hope that students of literature, psychology, sociology, and other disciplines will find useful sources in the e-volumes we publish here.