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December Comedy:

Studies in Senior Comedy and Other Essays










It is humbling to reflect on the numerous and diverse colleagues, friends, and family members who have helped make this volume possible. On the theoretical side, I am particularly indebted to George Meredith, Henri Bergson, Suzanne Langer, and Harold Watts, and I am thankful to Clyde Wade for introducing me to Eudora Welty and to David Robinson for mentoring me in Flannery O’Conner.


The number of people who have assisted ITCHS’ empirical testing exceeds 2000, and without them large portions of this volume would not exist. The educational institutions contributing to insights shared in this volume alone include Winona State University (Winona and Akida, Japan campuses), Carleton College, and Augsburg College. Special mention should be made of research associate David Everding’s work in Japan.  I very much appreciate the cooperation of Central Lutheran Church Woman, the St. Mary’s University brothers, the St. Stanislaus’ Church bazaar, Redeemer Lutheran Church (all of Winona, Minnesota) and Faith Evangelical Free Church of Minocqua, Wisconsin.


I am grateful to the International Society for Humor Studies, whose conferences provided forums for presentation and discussion and whose members provided valuable feedback and encouragement.


On the home front, Paul’s and my families have been gracious guinea pigs, good listeners and encouragers, and occasionally babysitters.  I thank our children for being willing listeners, test scorers, encouragers, and disciples in interdisciplinary thinking. 


And finally the journey represented in this volume could not have been completed—not even begun—without immense support from Paul, my mentor, encourager, compatriot in intellectual exploration, and partner in life.



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