A Cheshire Smile:

Humor Texture and Personality in Shakespeare's Comedies


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We remain immensely grateful to all the thousands of volunteers who have participated in empirical humor research with us. Particularly in this volume we acknowledge the wonderful cooperation and assistance of the staff at Lake Winona Manor of Winona Health, who made it possible to extend humor preference testing into the nursing home, among both residents and staff, allowing us to further pursue the humor of maturity. We are deeply indebted to Pastor Bill Flesch, Chaplain at Winona Health, who invited us to bring humor testing as well as humor into Lake Winona Manor, who joined us in reporting findings and in further extending our research among senior care givers at conventions of Aging Services of Minnesota and Care Providers of Minnesota, and who broke new ground into the use of humor in the nursing home setting. We are also grateful to the Great River Shakespeare Festival, going into its eleventh year, staging wonderfully compelling performances of Shakespeare’s works, performance true to his text and his spirit.





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