A Cheshire Smile:

Humor Texture and Personality

in Shakespeare's Comedies

by Paul H. Grawe and Robin Jaeckle Grawe

© Institute for Travesty, Comedy, and Humor Studies 2014



A Cheshire Smile Contents

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1.      Shakespeare the Comedian


2.    As You Like It, As Modern Criticism Likes It


3.    As You Like It, Reconsidered as Formal Comedy


4.    As You Like It, As Enhanced by Humor


5.    Comedy of Errors:  Comedy or Farce?


6.    Midsummer Night’s Dream: Comedy or Comickedy?


7.    History, Comedy, and Shakespeare's English Histories


8.    Comedic Structure in Henry IV, Part 1


9.    Henry IV, Part 1:  Falstaff


10.  Much Ado About Nothing:  Sombre Comedy


11.   Henry V : Heroic Comedy and Considerations of Scale


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