Four Seasons:  Variations in American

Vitalist Film Comedy

by Paul H. Grawe and Robin Jaeckle Grawe

Institute for Travesty, Comedy, and Humor Studies 2018







Theoretical Foundations of Vitalist Comedy

1.      Vitalist Comedy:  Expectations

2.      Langerian Momentary Vitalism

3.      Vitalist Regain Forms of Frye and Watts

4.      Vitalism of Gladness-Impulse Spirit

5.      Comedy and Dynamis

6.      Vitalist Techniques in Practice:

Steel Magnolias, My Fair Lady, and The Sound of Music

The Seasons of Vitalist Comedy

7.      Spring Vitalism:  The Student Prince

8.      Spring Vitalism: The Sound of Music

9.      Summer Vitalism:  Roman Holiday

10.    Summer Vitalism:  My Fair Lady and On Golden Pond

11.    Fall Vitalism:  Rocky

12.   Fall Vitalism:  Life with Father (with allusions to Forrest Gump)

13.   Winter Vitalism:  Fiddler on the Roof

14.   Winter Vitalism:  Driving Miss Daisy

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