Exploring Shakespearian Tragedy

A New Critical Theory

Work in Progress

By Paul H. and Robin Jaeckle Grawe

© 2020



A Cheshire Smile:  Humor Texture and Personality in Shakespeare's Comedies













1.  Introduction:  Shakespearean Tragedy as a Sub-form of Tragedy

2.  The Tragedic Line Shakespearean Style 

3.  Variants of Shakespearean Counter Elements Creating Form

4.  Variants of Shakespearean Tragedic Special Language

5.  Variants of Shakespearean Tragedic Spirit

6.  Dynamis—the Power of Shakespeare’s Tragedies

7.  Variants of Shakespearean Tragedic Dynamis

      Appendix A


Documents Pursuant to Exploring Shakespearean Tragedy 

Synopsis to In Search of Shakespearean Tragedy

In Search of Shakespearean Tragedy: Tragedic Language, Tragedic Form 

The Comedy-Tragedy Connection: Comedy/Humor's Analog in Tragedy

Final Report: Tragedic Language/Painterly Qualities Experiment, Minnesota Marine Art Museum



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