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Archives of the Humor Quotient Newsletter

Editor: Paul Grawe

Vol. 1, No. 1:  Widening Experimentation with the HQT

First Vocational Results with the HQT

                        HQT Testing Funded in Two Grants

HQT Results Coming in from beyond the Midwest

Crash Course in HQT Personality Types, Robin Jaeckle Grawe


Vol. 1, No. 2:  Holy Family Research Establishes Humor Age Shift, Dan G. Holt

Humor as Negotiation Technique:  Gender Differences Robin Jaeckle Grawe


Vol. 1, No. 3:  Continuation of Gender Differences in Negotiation, Robin Jaeckle Grawe

Women and Consoler Quotient:  Age Differences; Humor and Technology, Dan G. Holt

                        Humor and Technology, Kathy Hurley


Vol. 2, No. 1:  Critical Thinking and the HQT


Vol. 2, No. 2:  Good Humor and Negotiation Success, David Everding and Paul Grawe

                        HQT in an Employment Setting, Robin Jaeckle Grawe   

 Vol. 2, No. 3:  Toward an American, Humorous Rhetoric:  Benjamin Franklin, Part 1

 Vol. 3. No. 1:  Toward an American, Humorous Rhetoric:  Benjamin Franklin, Part 2

Vol. 3, No. 2:  Significant Relationship Found Between Critical Thinking and Preference for Incongruity Humor, Robin Jaeckle Grawe

Humor and Student Appreciation of Poetry, Chris Puhl


 Vol. 3, No. 3:  Humor, Negotiation, and Administration, Alleen Pace Nilsen

Pain Joke Preference Linked to Brain Laterality and Gender, Elizabeth Grawe


Vol. 3, No. 4:  Idea Development, Humor Preference, and Gender Differences, Robin Jaeckle Grawe


Vol. 4, No. 1:  Vitalist Humor and Health Attitudes


Vol. 4, No. 2:  Reading the Comics, Paul Grawe

Developmental Stages in Negotiation Humor, Mark Domeier


 Vol. 5, No. 1:  The Split Humor Personality of Don Quijote, Elizabeth Grawe and Paul Grawe


Vol. 5, No. 2:  A National Sense of Humor—Some Philosophic Considerations

The Little Guy, Karen Berthiaume, et. al.


Vol. 5, No. 3:  Vitalist Humor and the Corpus of Problem Solving,  Paul Grawe and Robin Grawe


 Vol. 6, No. 1:  Humor Preference and Safety Related, Robin Jaeckle Grawe

An Economic Use for the Gotcha/Sympathetic Pain Duality, Nathan D. Grawe


Vol. 7, No. 1-2:  Serious Priorities and Humor Preferences, Paul Grawe

The HQT Revisited, Robin Jaeckle Grawe


Vol. 7, No. 3:  Congregational Preferences for Vitalist Humor, Robin Jaeckle Grawe


Vol. 8, No. 1:  Mental Humor and Preference among American Patriotic Songs, Paul Grawe


Vol. 8, No. 2:  Mental Humor and Preference among American Patriotic Songs II, Paul Grawe 


Vol. 9, No. 1:  Don Quixote, a Mystery Story, William F. Fry, Jr.


Vol. 10, No.1: Preliminary Nursing Home Humor Preferences


Vol. 11, No.1: Assessment of Elder-Care Staff Humor Attitudes


Vol. 11. No. 2: Humor for Elder-Care Professional Specializations, Preliminary Differences


Vol. 11. No. 3: The Special Importance of Incongruity for Humor Attitude Among Caregivers of the Aging


Vol. 11. No. 4:  New Expanded Vitalist Humor Test:

                        Correlations to Vitalist Humor Preferences of Carleton College Alums


Vol. 11. No. 5: The Carleton Simon and Garfunkel Humor Preference Experiment


Vol. 11. No. 6: Complexities of ELBVHT Analysis within an Industry Study


Vol. 12. No.1: Synthetic Vitalist Results with the ELBVHT.


Vol. 13. No.1: Multi-Group Investigation of Vitalist Humor and Aging


Vol. 13. No.2: Age Patterns for Langerian-Bergsonian Preferences


Vol. 13. No.3: Age Patterns for Vitalist Subtype Interest






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