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Of all the academic disciplines, perhaps none is more interested in its own sense of humor and in the connection between humor and its own essence as is mathematics. ITCHS has long employed and enjoyed a quantitative approach to humor research to expand humanistic understanding. More recently ITCHS has explored the humor of mathematicians in e-journals Numeracy and Humanistic Mathematics. 


“Mathematics and Humor:  John Allen Paulos and the Numeracy Crusade” considers Paulos' take on the humor of mathematicians, noting what an inclusion of Sympathetic Pain humor might do for the teaching of mathematics.


“A Meeting of Minds:  An Alternate Humor for Teaching  Mathematics to non-STEM Majors” recommends  the  Sympathetic Pain humor  of mathematical historian William Dunham as a model  for teaching mathematical concepts to non-STEM students.


“Lewis Carroll and Mathematical Ideals of John Allen Paulos explores Carroll’s humor as a representation of the world of mathematics and a key to a deeper sense of numeracy.