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to the Institute for Travesty, Comedy, and Humor Studies (ITCHS). ITCHS was established for the research and study of comedy as a dramatic form and of humor, the spice of comedy. ITCHS uses a variety of research methodologies from multiple disciplines, notably including literary criticism, rhetoric, and the empirical sciences.                             


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Special Publication Sequel

Stagecoach, John Ford, and Redemption Comedy

The Ukrainian crisis impelled us to publish a first rough draft of an essay on John Fordís Stagecoach and Redemption Comedy.  Months later, the need seems more for Reconciliation, and ITCHS is currently working to provide a definition of a Reconciliation sub-genre of Comedy. Pending completion of that work, ITCHS now provides a definition of Romantic Comedy, pressing forward the methodology used for Stagecoach and Redemption Comedy.

Romantic Comedy


Stagecoach, John Ford, and Redemption Comedy

Comedic Structure in Henry IV, Part 1

Recent Shooting Stars

The Metaphysical Implications of Sombre Comedy

Plautus's Menaechmi

Humor and Aging: Studies of Humor in the Nursing Home

Full-length critical works published on this site include

Comedic Tenor, Comic Vehicle: Humor in American Film Comedy

Comedy in a New Mood

December Comedy: Studies in Senior Comedy and Other Essays

Cheshire Smile:  Humor Texture and Personality in Shakespeare's Comedies

Four Seasons:  Variations in American Vitalist Film Comedy

Excerpts from Comedy in Space, Time, and the Imagination.


ITCHS is the home of the Humor Quotient Newsletter and the designer and administrator of the Humor Quotient Test and the Langerian/Bergsonian Vitalist Humor Test.

We hope that students of literature, psychology, sociology, and other disciplines will find useful sources in the e-volumes we publish here.


ITCHS is at its core a collaborative effort. We are proud of thousands of volunteer associates who have made our research discoveries possible.  And we are constantly looking to increase the number of scholar affiliates with whom we continue our efforts. If you are a humor scholar, a comedy scholar, a scholar in a related field like travesty,  satire, or tragedy and especially if you are a graduate student looking for a dissertation topic and institute affiliation, we want to hear from you.  We are experts in research design and quantitative analysis, and we are anxious to consider possibilities for collaborative research and publication. 


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